Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yesterday I was on the beach at sunset.  For the 8 1/2 years I have lived on Coronado, I do not recall ever going to watch the sunset here.  Pretty pathetic, huh?
Since Coronado doesn't face directly west, the sun sets behind Point Loma, which is what you can kind of see at the bottom of the clouds.
The Hotel Del Coronado
I rather like this sea gull standing at the water's edge, but was told that you shouldn't take pictures of certain things, like pigeons and sea gulls, because they are too easy to shoot.  Oh well, I did it anyway.

I am still trying to get back in my regular routine with work and with posting.  I haven't even been good about reading other blogs either.  Part of it is I have to sit to do these things and that is still a little painful.  Not bad, just not back to normal yet.  Slowly, but slowly I AM getting there.

Friday, August 6, 2010


I started this ottoman before I threw my back out.  It was all cut out, except for the lining for the skirt, and I had even serged everything.
Then, as you already know, I spent 6 days in bed.  I thought about this slipcover a lot but couldn't do anything about completing it.
Finally, I was able to work on it.  Of course, it took about three days because I couldn't really sit down for very long.  I am still doing my best to get back to work.  Now, as much as anything, it is fear that I will hurt myself again and have to go back to bed.  The short-term solution is using banquet tables pushed together.  I'm going to have to get the extenders to make them higher, as they are currently about 13" too short for me.  Long term solution is to have a work table built and turn my living room into the workroom that it already is.  The sofa is getting put in the garage, but it's not like I sit on it anyway and I will need the extra space.  My finished table will be 12' long. 6' wide and 43 1/2" high.  Rather large but what I need.
And this lovely piece of furniture is the ottoman before it got its new slipcover.  The after is much nicer, don't you think?

Monday, August 2, 2010


My pink denim folding chair slipcovers are in the new Somerset Home.

My back is getting better each day.  I am almost back to 'normal,' whatever that is!  I am ever hopeful that I can get back to work as well.  I may even be back to blogging on a regular basis again soon!  I've missed it and missed all of you.

My mother is home from the hospital and is also getting better each day.  Thank you for all the well-wishes, nice comments, e-mails and extra prayers I received for both my mother and for me.  It ALL helped, I am sure.