Wednesday, December 31, 2014


May the coming year bring you Health, Happiness and Prosperity!
(Photo by Laura Petersen in London, England.)

Saturday, December 20, 2014


More pillows for the master bedroom...

The same fabric as the balloon shades was used on these Euro squares.  Because the fabric is not an even pattern, there is no way to center the stripe so that it is a mirror image.

But they can be turned so that either the black stripe is in the center as in the previous shot, or the white/silver is.

The double flanged pillows in the front add color to the room.

In the wider view of the bed, the roman shade is visible.  Both of these fabrics are Designers Guild.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


The job with Cara Clancy continues...

These boxed pillows turned out great, but as with most everything else on this particular job, they were a big, fat pain to make.

What made them difficult was the pleated linen welting.  The linen was much too heavy to pleat.  As always, though, I did it anyway.

I like to tell myself that I get the jobs I do because I CAN to them, even when they are not simple or easy.  (Sounds good and makes me feel better.)

This is the guest room.

And in the guest bathroom, a roman shade made of the same fabric.  It is always a challenge to photograph shades when it is really sunny outside.  And since I do not normally deliver items at night, I frequently run into this problem.  This is sunny Southern California, after all!

The shade pulled up.

Friday, December 5, 2014


The client to whom this chair belongs was my very first client in Coronado way back in 2002.  She likes her slipcovers VERY fitted, and requested a zipper instead of the usual buttons-down-the-back.

This fabric proved to be a bit of a challenge because of the pattern, which had to be matched everywhere.  Also, she had bought all Calico Corners had, and, really, I thought it probably wasn't going to be enough.  Luckily, I was able to railroad the fabric, which meant I could make the entire slipcover out of it without having to use another for the welting and/or deck.

The zipper is on the other side, but I did such a good job that my client didn't realize I had put one in.

The skirt has gathered corners.

I was especially happy with how it turned out, given that the wings made it that much harder to make sure it all matched.  My client was happy, too, and that's what really counts!