Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The following pictures were all taken at restaurants that Sandy and I went to while she was in California. Some have shots of food or drink, but mostly of people. I didn't do so well at Artistic Affaire with taking pictures of people. This, I guess, was my way of making up for it.

Acting like a movie star at a place on Melrose in West Hollywood called Taste.
Sandy with her champagne cocktail (what all the big stars drink!) having her Hollywood moment.
The next night we had dinner at Shutters in Santa Monica. This was my yummy drink. Love the color! And it tasted good, too!
I didn't manage to take any people pictures here, but Denise Hahn was kind enough to drive us around Hollywood, Venice Beach, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills so Sandy could get a real feel for the area. Our dinner ended with sunset behind the Santa Monica Pier.
On Tuesday we went to the World Famous San Diego Zoo. This lovely peacock was strolling around. We tried to get him to show his tail feathers, but he was more interested in eating whatever it was that was on the ground. Still, he was quite beautiful.

An adorable koala bear. He was a little guy and didn't even look real.

Tuesday night we went for dinner in La Jolla at George's. Gina drove down from Oceanside and the 3 of us enjoyed a delicious meal.
Another yummy margarita!

I had spaghetti with clams.

And I ate all of it!!

Me and Sandy at the restaurant. Unfortunately, on the drive over to La Jolla, the fog rolled in and there was no sunset to see.

The next day, Wednesday, we met at Miguel's in Coronado for a San Diego bloggers lunch in honor of Sandy. This is me and Debbie, having our own movie star moment.
Dana, Valerie and me. Those of you with eagle-eyes may have noticed that my hair is curly in these Miguel's pictures. It is a very rare thing for me allow my curls to come out. I much prefer them straight.
Sandy and Jackie

It was quite an adventure with Sandy. She is safely back home in Toronto and it all seems like a dream now. I am finally caught up on posting from Artistic Affaire and the days following.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


This is the canvas I made for Jenny Lor. Her colors were black, cream, tan, bright pink and her decorating element was clocks. I chose to use black, cream and pink. I had a bit of trouble but in the end, I was happy with it.
Me and Jenny with our respective canvases. (Why am I always so much taller than everyone I stand beside?)
For the mask swap, I made two. This is the full face mask, that ties on with tulle ribbons. The black feather boa is not attached to the mask. It is just meant to be worn with it.
This is the second mask. It looks like she can't see because the petals of the flowers are covering the eye holes. Actually, you can see through them. Your eyes are just not very visible to anyone else. This mask is on a wand with ribbon streamers.
Full face mask wrapped in the boa.
Hold-in-place mask.

I made my dolls for Sandy, Maija, Kim and Bryanna.

Sandy's doll
Bryanna's doll

Maija's doll
Kim's doll

Friday, September 25, 2009


The first class was taught by Lisa Kettle. I think I may have been the only person in the room who was not familiar with her or her work. Now I am and I love it! This is the bug I made. I chose to put her tutu on her head instead of in the traditional place. I thought if I put it on her waist, the polka dots wouldn't show.
This is the 'shadow box' that the bug was supposed to be glued into. I decided not to put her in because I think the styles are too different. I love the picture that went in the background.
This was the third class of the evening, taught by Ruth Rae. This is not what we were supposed to make, but I knew that I would never, ever wear a fabric cuff (just me and my dislike of most jewelry.) So I improvised and made a small wall hanging. This is where I used the lace from the goodie bag. I couldn't use it on both sides because of the glue Kim used. It was too hard to gather it and sew it on, so I used another trim on the right edge.
Our second class was taught by the fabulous Julie Haymaker Thompson. As with all the classes, everything we made, even though we all started with the same pieces and parts, was different. Mine is actually not quite done. I want to add (probably) the word 'GROW' to the top where there is a big, blank space.
This adorable charm was made by Bryanna as a gift to all who participated in the Mask Swap.

This charm is from Jessi. The front is a tiny version of the invitation for Artistic Affarire and
the back is a Barbie Doll and says 'Fall in LA'. It was very sweet of her to make me one, as we had never met before. She is just delightful and so bubbly and full of energy. I have always heard so much about her and am glad I finally know her.
This wonderful hanging was done by Jenny Morgan as a thank you for being in the Soul Canvas Swap.
A close-up of the bird on the top of the canvas that Jenny Lor made for me.
The whole canvas. Jenny did the quote in a very unique way - Lines from the quote are on the sides and bottom as well. I love it! Thanks Jenny.
This a a close-up of the pinup girl on my amazing apron made by Holly Stinnett. It is such a cool gift.
A larger view of the apron. Sandy commissioned Holly to make it for me. I love the colors, I love all the design elements she used, I just love the apron. Thanks to both Sandy and Holly!
This is the mask I received the in mask swap. It was made by Nicole and it is simply unbelievable. The details, the workmanship are all, well, unbelievable.
A close-up view

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well, I just dropped Sandy at the airport. It has been a very long 6 days. I don't think we really stopped at all. I definitely need a vacation from this vacation!

Since so many have already posted their pictures from Kim's lovely event (and because I didn't take as many pictures as I thought I had and those who know me know I do NOT like fall colors which made taking lots of pictures very challenging for me,) for today's post I am just posting pictures of the room and of Maija and Sandy.

This is what awaited me when we arrived on Saturday morning at 8:30a. As always, Kim does not overlook a single detail.
Goodie bag on the chair back. (The lace around the whatever-you-call-it came in handy for our last class.)
I took this photo first thing, when the sun was coming in the window and from the front, it was just a dark blob. From the back, you can actually see how beautiful it was. I just never remembered to take it from the front later on when the sun was no longer a factor.

The room before the madness, I mean the classes, began.
Maija and Sandy
Me and Maija
Me and my roommate, Sandy.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am off tomorrow morning to Los Angeles. I am picking Sandy up at LAX at 11a. Let the fun begin!!!

Next week, Wednesday, 23 September, in honor of Sandy being here, we are having lunch at Miguel's at 11:30a. Check Deb's blog for more info.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This floral print reminds me of a delicate china pattern.
The back side, with buttons.
The back of the slipper chair. No buttons needed and would probably look kind of silly. Some styles of chairs really don't lend themselves to having buttons.
Front of chair
The chair got two different slipcovers, so my client could change up the look of the room.
A lot of times clients aren't sure if having a gathered skirt on one piece means they must have them on all the pieces. In this room, the loveseat has a gathered skirt and the chairs both have tailored ones. There really are no 'rules' when decorating your home. I say, do whatever you love, and who cares what anyone else thinks!?!