Monday, October 25, 2010


 Linen is such a perfect fabric for slipcovers.  It washes wonderfully well and gets softer with each washing.  These chairs are in my client's master bedroom.
 As they were so close to the wall, I had a difficult time taking a picture of the backs.  Still, you can see the buttons.  In this case, they weren't needed to get the covers on and off, just to add detail and interest.  You wouldn't want your walls looking at the plain back of a slipcover, would you?
 The side view
 Another view of the front
And, last but not least, the original chair.  My client has had these chairs for 20 years and they just needed a little updating.  Even if you have the world's ugliest upholstery, it is nothing a slipcover can't improve.  The one thing slipcovers cannot change is the comfort of a piece of furniture.  If you hate it because it is uncomfortable, get rid of it.  If it's only ugly or tired looking, a slipcover is the perfect solution.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Almost a month ago my electricity went off and ever since then I've had internet connection issues.  I've spent approximately 4 hours on the phone with AT&T, got a new router cord for my DSL and I'm still having a problem.  I can get where I need to be through some extra steps, so I thought I'd finally get back to my blog.  A couple more updates before I get to Kim Kelly's pillow giveaway.  My mother is progressing in her stroke recovery.  It is slow-going, but each time I talk to her, she sounds better.  As for my back, the pain comes and goes.  Today it is painful.  There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to when or why it hurts, so it's hard to avoid doing whatever it is that may be causing it to hurt.  Anyway, mostly I am working and resting when necessary.  I do have new jobs to show you and as I get back into the swing of posting on my blog again, you'll be seeing what I've been up to lately.


Bella Rustica is giving away a burlap pillow.  For all the details, go to Kim Kelly's fabulous blog.  There, you will find out about her giveaway and learn about another giveaway, as well.

And stay tuned for my own giveaway.  
Details the beginning of November.