Monday, August 31, 2009


Again, I meant to take the 'before' picture and forgot. Anyway, suffice it to say these chairs (there are 2 in this fabric) look WAY better. This fabric is from the Sun&Shade line by Waverly.
My signature buttons are very hard to see, but they are there. Actually, because these chairs are barrel-style, I couldn't get the slipcover on without unbuttoning it. Because of the busyness of the pattern, it is hard to see all the darts and extra seams to allow for the roundness. Always a challenge, to say the least.
This is from the same Sun&Shade group, but I used the 'wrong' side of the fabric for a much more muted look. It probably looks even more muted than it really is because the quality of the picture is not so good.
The buttons here are also hard to see and again necessary to remove the cover. This chair was even more difficult than the other style. It, too, is a barrel-style, but it also has funny arms. If you look closely at the other shot, you can kind of see how the arms are two different levels. We actually tired tucking it in a bit to emphasize instead of hide the 'design' element. (I use the term loosely.) It also had a sort of tufting going on and we did the same tucking-in thing with them.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


This is me, opening the door, on my first day of first grade. I don't think schools have that kind of doors anymore. I went to this school for 4 years, until we moved to Georgia. This school is no longer standing. It was torn down about 15 years ago to build condos.

I was inspired to post this picture after seeing Laurel's post on her daughter's first day of kindergarden.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Ladder back chairs are not normally slipcovered, though, as I've discovered, practically anything can be slipcovered. Or at least people think it can and then hire me to do it! Anyway, my client wanted just to have covers made for the backs of the chairs. There are existing seat cushions, which really don't match the new backs (you'll see this in the bottom pictures,) but they can always be re-covered in the future. Also, she may just take the seat cushions off and use the back covers alone.
The front view of the arm chair. I used snaps under the arms to connect the front and back. The other option would be ties, but ties are messy and there would need to be too many. Snaps work better for this type of look.
In this case, the button-back is strictly decorative. It is not necessary to actually button and/or unbutton to remove the cover. After undoing the snaps, it just lifts off.
There are 6 chairs in total, 2 arm chairs and 4 of this style. This is me being too lazy to take the seat cushion off for the picture.
You can see how they don't really match, although they do have similar colors.
These also just slip on and off and much easier since there are no arms.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Don't you just love the package? This is one of two (!) boxes that I received from my swap partner, Joanna. When I first saw the post about the Mermaid's Trousseau that Bryanna was hosting, I was intrigued. But also apprehensive as I had never participated in this kind of a swap before. Bryanna assured me that I would be fine, so I signed up. The idea behind it was things you think a mermaid would have in her trousseau.
As I opened the box, more beautiful packaging was inside.
A lovely star fish in place of a bow.
A beautiful starfish pin with pearls.
An amazing bottle

The bottle and star fish in their new home.
Then, yesterday, the second box arrived. It had the same wonderful packing label (which I cut off and saved for who knows what!) and was filled with more great stuff. I love the shell 'ribbon.'
A beautiful fish pin, swimming in aqua tulle.

This lovely mirror, with a pretty pink sea star and a sand dollar.
This is the back side of the mirror. So now I do not know which side to display. I guess I'll have to change it weekly.

A magic wand!
The back side of the wand. Again, which side to show?
Coral candle holders.
There were various other things in my trousseau. too. I just have to thank Joanna, again, for such lovely gifts. I had a great time thinking of things to include in her box, as well. She will do a post one of these days so you can see what she got.

And for a sneak preview, below are two pictures of the mermaid I made for her. I figured a mermaid's trousseau needed an actual mermaid.

Miss Cori, a mermaid from under Coronado Island, surrounded by some of her trousseau items.
A close-up view of Joanna's new mermaid.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I took most of these pictures in Hawaii. In case anyone hasn't figured it out yet, I love taking pictures of flowers! And I love flowers, though I am not a gardener (I am allergic to bees) and I do not like to get my hands dirty. I know I could wear gloves, but I don't like the way they feel. A little strange, perhaps. Still, I am content to take pictures of other people's flowers. The thing I most like about orchids is they don't look real, with all of the strange shapes and colors they come in. They are truly a magnificent creation.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Here she is! I am surprised there is no blood on her. I will NEVER do organza again. Way too much work and it takes far too many band-aids.
I painted the body white and then used very fine white glitter. It kind of shines like the fabric. For the jewels, this time I used a vintage rhinestone button that was from my grandmother's button collection (now mine.)
As pretty as I thought the white would be, it didn't come out quite like I was visualizing. It does look prettier in person, but the organza has a mind of its own and does just what it pleases. Also, this one turned out almost as big as the first light pink one, even though I cut the chicken wire the same size as the hot pink one. It's the organza. I used 175 yards and have 3- 25 yard spools left if anyone wants them.
My next project is to make a smaller one.


I just wanted to let everyone know that I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I was out of town for a funeral. Feels like I was gone far longer than 2 days. Anyway, before I left, I participated in the Paper Tales Junque and Trunk show last Saturday. It was a lot of fun and, I think, a fabulous success! I also received one of the two boxes from Joanna, my swap partner for The Mermaid's Trousseau, hosted by Bryanna. I will post pictures from that when the other box arrives.

I also finished my latest girl and the picture above is how I had to protect myself from the organza. Both hands were similarly band-aided.
I just need today to get back in my routine and catch up on things. I have a lot of blog reading to do as well.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I love the variety of hibiscus that exist: fancy, plain, ruffled, variegated. And the colors! I find them all just beautiful.
I took most of these pictures in and around Coronado/San Diego. Some, I shot in Hawaii. The first 2 images, which I think are the most spectacular and amazing, I actually 'borrowed' from a hibiscus web site. The hibiscus in my backyard has yellowish-orange blossoms. I, of course, wish it was a pink one.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


First, I delivered the seat slips yesterday. This is my client's dining room table and since it has a glass top, I just took this picture through the glass. She was very happy with her new seat covers. They did look nice and were a huge improvement over her basic blue cushions.

Secondly, this coming Saturday, 15 August, hosted (sort of) by Paper Tales is the first annual (thinking ahead and thinking big) JUNQUE AND TRUNK SALE. It is being held from 8a-4p in a large space a couple doors down from the Paper Tales store. I will have my pillows, sea star necklaces and a bunch of other stuff. Debbie Hodge will be there selling her amazing t-shirts and dresses. There will be all kinds of other vendors as well. I'd list them, but I am not sure of who all will be there. Just come!
You won't be sorry.

Thirdly, this is Cooper. Isn't he just the cutest dog ever? He is a St. Bernard/Golden mix. He is being fostered by Kim Kelly while his family is out of the country. I couldn't resist posting his picture. I mean, what a face!