Friday, June 12, 2015


White linen, inverted pleats, lined with blackout and an expanse of 156" equals really, really heavy draperies!  Really heavy and hard to manage, especially when making them.

But, in spite of the challenge to make them and the lack of space I have to work on such a project, they look really lovely.

A closer view of the inverted pleats.

Given how much fabric is in each side of the panels, they stack pretty well and leave a lot of the backyard visible.

It's always better to have draperies lay on the floor.  It isn't necessary to have a huge puddle (unless that's what you want) but when they are just above the floor, they have a way of looking like they are a tad too short.  Plus, it is really hard to make everything perfectly even and this allows for that.

Also, there are two roman shades on either side of the huge bed, which no one told me about.  Because of that, there is a bit of an issue with the controls on the shades.  Oh, well!  When I measured there was not even drywall up yet, let alone any furniture in the room.

Friday, June 5, 2015


My client brought me these brightly colored, appliqu├ęd  pieces that she bought in Panama and wanted me to make her pillows from them.

She chose a black Sunbrella for front borders and the backs.

The village scene above was actually on a purse.  I carefully took it apart and it has a second life as a throw pillow.

I am sure the designs have some kind of meaning, but I have no idea what.

The work is very intricate and beautiful.

I took the pictures on my bed, but in their new home, they live in a den/family room on a black leather sofa.
There is one other pillow which can be partially seen in the second pillow from the top.  It is my favorite and I will put that one on Instagram.