Saturday, May 28, 2011


I delivered this sofa, chair and pillows yesterday.  This job, a job that should have been much quicker and easier, took far longer than I ever thought it would.  It didn't LOOK like it would be so challenging.  The fact that I really didn't have enough of the bedspreads didn't help matters at all.
 Even the pillows were a challenge because I had to remake them, which meant completely taking them apart, serging the pieces, and washing said pieces before adding the white linen to make them larger.  The backs are the bedspread fabric.
 Because there were only 3 full-size spreads and the old slipcover (which had holes that had to be worked around) from the sofa, I was working with, truly, not enough fabric.  To make up for this, I used white linen for all the welting and white denim for the zipper boxes on the cushions and the decks on both pieces.  The hardest thing, though, is this type of 'fabric' tends to 'grow' once it's cut out.  Luckily, I was aware of this from previous jobs and that kept me on my toes the entire time, and a little concerned that once I finished them, they would be too big.  It also made me not want to work on them.
For the sofa back, I made a big tuck at the center to allow for the arms sticking out further than the top.  Buttons and button holes weren't really an option and this seemed the safest way to make sure the slipcover would actually go on without ripping it.  I made the ties from the linen.
 I, of course, had the same concerns with the chair.  It was somewhat easier because a chair isn't as big as a sofa.  Still, it was nerve racking.
 I have to say that I was quite pleased and happy with how it all turned out.
My client was as well and in spite of them being more than two weeks late (combination of hurt back and a death in the family,) she added a large 'tip' to the final balance due!  I've said it before and I'll say it again:  
I have the BEST clients!

Monday, May 9, 2011


 Okay, it's not really leather, but it sure looks like it.
 And it was almost as difficult to work with.  The fabric was some kind of fake ultra suede.
 And my serger really didn't like it at all.  It skipped stitched and generally made serging the edges a challenge.  In the end, though, it was worth all the pain:  my client loved it!

I especially liked the ottoman.  If it wasn't for the gathered skirts, you really would like the chair and ottoman were covered in leather.  It's just amazing what they can do with fabrics these days.

On another note, I have been having a lot of trouble with my back again, which has made posting more difficult.  It is much better, but still less than ideal.