Monday, November 16, 2009


Those who know me know I love color. However, these are not those colors. And I am not crazy about pattern in large amounts. That being said, part of what makes what I do fun is all the different fabrics I get to work with. I don't have to love what I'm sewing, though it is more fun. For this client/job, I was working with a designer. He worked with the client on the choice of fabric. I just make what I'm given. I am rarely involved on the fabric side, just the fabrication of whatever it is they want.
The designer had the headboard reupholstered. I made the pillow shams, the long bolster, the coverlet and the bed skirt. I am unable to quilt fabric, so Michael had the fabric quilted locally and then I made the coverlet. Next time, I will seam the pieces first, have it quilted and then cut it to size and finish the edges. Sewing it was quite a challenge.
I think this is the longest bolster I've ever made. Again, a challenge because sewing a 48" zipper into a 'tube' of fabric that is only about 7" in diameter is kinda hard.
The client was very happy with the completed project and that's what's important.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

not my favorite colors nor pattern either - kind of reminds me of the bedding in my parents room in the seventies.

But the headboard and bedding design is lovely - and, of course, as is your work.

Janet said...

The workmanship is beautiful on this set but the fabric itself doesn't do a thing for me. I'm like you in that big patterns are not my thing.

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Oh Tamerie, I don't like the fabric either...reminds me of one of our hotels that needs renovation...yucky! Even with that said, the quality of your work is always superb, absolute perfection!

A 48" zipper?! That would make me run to the other side of the earth...I hate zippers!lol

Serena said...

I agree with the general consensus...the choice of colour and design wouldn't be my cup of tea either. As always though, the workmanship looks perfect! I'm amazed that you managed that 48" zipper with only a 7" diameter of room to play with....that would have been a tight squeeze!

Blondie's Journal said...

You did a beautiful job with what you had and that is all that matters!


Jolly Good said...

Thank you for sharing images of your good work.
You're right - a little goes a long way with that pattern!
About the 48” zipper…. I treat bolster as a rectangle; sew in a separating zipper (a side at a time), slide on the zipper pull twice (to close both ends), then sew the finished ends (inside out w/ right sides together) to complete. I purchase nylon zipper through . By the way they offer webinars that are worth viewing if the topic applies to your or your clients needs.
Love your blog.

Sandy Michelle said...

OMG I have tons of Lee Jofa scraps in my bin from my designer showroom job. You did a great job in spite of the pattern selction!How's Emily?


Laurel said...

WOw- I agree on the fabric but the work is lovley. I also adore the pink slip cover on sofa. How darling. However the stains from my tutu monkeys would make me cry daily. Ahaha!
I love your passion for creating. You are about the most grounded girl I read:)
Hope we meet someday :)

The Attic said...

Beautiful work, but it reminds me of the Marriott bed I slept on last week,,,LOL...

prashant said...

I'm like you in that big patterns are not my thing.

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prashant said...

I'm like you in that big patterns are not my thing.

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