Friday, February 21, 2014


This boat is being renovated, so the pictures aren't so great.  You can get the idea, though, of what I did.  Perhaps when it is all done, I can go back and take better shots.

All of the striped curtains are in the master stateroom.

They are on three sides of the room, but I can't get far enough back to show this.

On this wall, there are 8 separate inverted pleat panels.  Luckily, they range in length from 18" to 20", so they were a little easier to work with than 90" panels.  They are lined in blackout and when all are shut, the room is definitely dark.

Yes, there are portholes behind the curtains.

I could have cropped me (to the right in the mirror) and Pat (to the left, owner of Cotier, which is the shop this job was done through), but I figured you need the perspective.

This is in the salon.  I'm not sure why these turned out so dark, but they did.  

In this area, there are windows on both sides.  The inverted pleat panels are strictly decorative and do not function. 

I also made the small pillow in the same fabric as the bedroom curtains.  It has a contrast welting from the tie-back fabric.  The larger pillow is available at Cotier, and comes in many different colors.

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