Friday, January 2, 2015


This slipcover was a hurry-up-and-get-it-finished-before-Christmas job.  The fabric is from Lee Jofa and the pattern is Jacobean Tree.

I made it from the existing slipcover, which style was exactly what my client wanted.  Besides, the day I went to measure and cut, my client was talking to me and I could not concentrate, so I chose to take apart the current one to use as the pattern.

Whoever made the one I took apart did not do it like I do...that is, I cut half and flip it over since it is a mirror image.  This one, not so much.  I had to cut it exactly as the taken apart pieces were so it would go back together properly.

My client insisted I take this shot as it shows the other two pieces I've done in the room, the white denim chair and ottoman in the center and the light blue denim chair at the top of the picture.

I got a little nervous that the slipcover might not fit even though I was using the slipcover I took off, so I pinned the entire thing together and took it over to make sure.  It seemed to fit fine, but the original slipcover had just a 1/2" turned up hem and the new one looked like it might be just a tad short.  The solution was to add a 2" ruffle at the bottom, which, in the end, was the icing on the cake, so to speak.

My client loved it!  She kept saying it looked it should be in an English cottage with a low-beamed ceiling.  I was also very happy with how it turned out.

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