Friday, July 2, 2010


Would you believe me if I told you I did this slipcover in a Jackson Pollock inspired fabric?
Or that this room actually looked like this?
And that this ottoman was done with a nice turquoise duck?


Okay, okay, I confess.  The slipcovers are in white duck.  I do so much in white duck, white denim and white linen that I get bored posting the same old pictures.  I thought I'd fix them up in Photoshop but that didn't exactly go as planned.  I've done it before but for the life of me I could not simply change or replace the color.
I had to hurry up and get these finished and delivered so that my client's renters could enjoy them for the next month.  And they have their house rented out for August as well.  Eventually they will get to enjoy the new slipcovers themselves.
In case you are feeling sorry for my clients, don't.  While their lovely house in Coronado is occupied this month, they will be at their beach house in Hawaii and will spend August on their sailboat anchored in Glorietta Bay.  Rough life, huh?  Hey, someone has to live it!


Maija said...

Lucky clients......

Laurel said...

Nice! That is a nice life indeed!
Have a great weekend Sweets.
ps-I want to see catalog shots :)