Friday, September 26, 2014


When my client called, she originally thought she only wanted arm covers for her existing slipcover.  The slipcover, also in white denim, was 20 years old, though!  There was no way to just make arm covers because there was no way to match the fabric.  No matter how close the color, fabric that is 20 years old will never look anything but old beside a new fabric.

So we ordered new fabric.  I'd say she got her money's worth from her old one!

This sofa was already in the center of the room with the back showing and perfect for a button-back.  The husband said, no way.  He wanted it exactly as the old one was, and that meant a zipper right down the center of the back.  Not what I would have done, but I do what the client wants.

There is a table that goes behind the sofa, so it won't show as much as it does in the photo.

And even though they have never had a guest sleep on the sofa bed, I put the zipper in the deck so that they have that option.  Otherwise, the entire slipcover would have to be removed to pull the bed out.  At least it is accessible this way.

The pictures above and below are cushions I did for them 10 or 11 years ago!  They still look great!  Sunbrella is a wonderful fabric!

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