Saturday, October 11, 2014


This week's post is short and sweet.  Both of these 'works of art' were provided to me by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, respectively.

This is a piece of seaweed that I picked up on Coronado Beach.  I let it dry out.  I kind of liked the look of it better when it was still wet from the ocean, but I thought it still looked good enough to frame.

I carried this sea fan home from Cat Island, Bahamas.  I loved the purple color of it.  I had to break off its stem so that I could keep it flat.  (It traveled in a plastic bag inside my journal.)  Once I got back, I had to let this air dry for a couple of weeks, then it was ready for its new home.

Both of these frames are from Pottery Barn and have just a bit of space between the mat and glass to allow for something less than flat to be inserted.

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