Friday, February 6, 2015


My friend, Laura Petersen from Seaside Cottage Style, bought an old trailer and has spent the last year fixing her up.  Before the renovation, she had thought to name her Pearl.  After deciding on a decorating theme, kind of a mix of Marie Antoinette and beach, and a color for the outside, she changed her name to Delphine.  Delphine is French for dolphin, and Marie Antoinette's crest is a dolphin.

A view of the dining area, which is to the right just inside the door.

The sleeping area, which is to the left.

I made the coverlet, and so that it is reversible, used a very soft 'fur' on the back side.

Close up of the furry lining.

Standing in the sleeping area, looking towards the front of the trailer.  

I made the cushions for the dining area.  The fabric is a tweed in blue and khaki, with a solid khaki welting.  And if the cushion are flipped over, the other other is the solid khaki linen.

Throw pillow in a blue cherry blossom print with a pleated ruffle.

On the reverse side of the pillow, I used a creamy moire satin, which I washed to remove the water marks.  It actually came out very nicely, and makes a great back for pillows and welting.

Mademoiselle Delphine from the outside.

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