Friday, May 22, 2015


These slipcovers are done with a sailcloth Sunbrella.  It is the nicest Sunbrella I've ever worked with!

The fabric is very soft and feels really nice.

My client bought these two sofas on Craigslist from an elderly lady.  They are custom made from Calico Corners, and she (my client) paid only $200 for them!  And while they were not ugly, they were not to my client's liking, fabric-wise.

That's where slipcovers come in.  I am often asked how one should decide whether or not to slipcover a piece of furniture.  I always say, if you love it and it is comfortable, do it.  If you just hate the fabric and do not want to have it reupholstered, do it.  If it is uncomfortable, don't bother.  If the piece is from IKEA, don't bother.

Overall, the white fabric really brightened up the room.  My client was thrilled with the result and said it was the best Mother's Day 'present' she received this year.  Since her kids were not around, new slipcovers were the next best thing!

The before - not bad, just boring.

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