Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Custom Slipcover Process

 When I first started doing slipcovers, on top of having no clue what I was actually doing(which is another story in itself), I didn't have a digital camera.  That could be because they didn't exist then.  I always thought that I should get a Polaroid camera (I only ever thought this but never got as far as to buy one) so that when I started working on a particular job, I would remember what it looked like.  Once I take the pins out and all the pieces are flat, it's any one's guess what the piece looked like.  This is especially true when I don't work on something immediately, which I hardly ever do.  Once I got my digital camera (6 years ago now) and started taking shots of the furniture with the slipcovers cut on it, what a huge difference it made.  I truly do not know how I ever did it before.  

As you can see from the pictures, I do not cut the entire cover on site.  Since this is a sectional, though, I had to cut more than usual because the other half is not a mirror image.  It takes longer when I am at my client's home, but the nice thing is, when I start working on it, most of the base  is already cut out.  At that point, all I have to cut out are the cushions and the welting.

So, these pictures are of the current job I am working on.  I am hoping to have it finished and delivered tomorrow afternoon, but that might not work out.  In any case, once it is installed on my client's furniture, I will take the 'after' pictures and post them for you to see.

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TUTU Monkey said...

Wow...that is a lot of work!! I bet it looks great!!