Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Same sofa, different style slipcovers

I did these slipcovers for a client in Chicago out of a green linen.  She used them for 5 years and then decided to change the decor of her home.  She called me and wanted them redone in white denim with a box-pleated skirt this time around.
It's amazing how different they look even though they are exactly the same sofas.

To me, that's one of the benefits of slipcovers:  you can completely change the look of your room without buying all new furniture.  

You can also go the the thrift store and buy the ugliest sofa or chair in the world, and as long as it is a good piece of furniture and in good shape, it simply does not matter what it looks like.  Once the piece has a new 'dress,' no one, except you, will ever know what's underneath.

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Breathing Beside Us said...

Love them in the white!
Fantastic work!
XO Deb