Saturday, April 18, 2009


My client loved this sofa on her front porch, but it had definitely seen better days.  She chose white denim for its durability and ease of care.
Side view of the sad sofa.
The much improved version.  Soon after I did this, the sofa was moved into the house.  It looked so nice she didn't want it to be ruined sitting out on the porch.
Side view of the now happy sofa.
The shape of this chair has to be one of the stranger ones I've come across.  It was a bit challenging.
Kind of funky, even with a slipcover, but it does look much better.
Side/back view


Petit Coterie said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! I love white denim, thanks for the great before and after photos.

Breathing Beside Us said...

There is NO WAY IN HE...... that I would touch that chair! How difficult that must have been to do! You deserve a brownie button for that beautiful job!

TUTU Monkey said...


All I can imagine is syrup finger prints all over the white....:) but "White Denim"....great choice...

maryboys said...

i agree that white slipcovers are just about perfect anywhere...these look wonderful, tamerie!