Thursday, April 23, 2009


I've been busy sewing bed skirts and pillow shams and delivered them all yesterday.  
This is the guest room.
Pillow shams, pillow cases and a throw pillow.
The giant pillows in the back are in lieu of a headboard.  I did the boxing in the contrast stripe.  Originally the randomly pleated flange was to be in the stripe, but there was not enough fabric.  Sometimes having to re-think and punt, so to speak, allows for an even better finished product.
This up close view is of the 'pillow case.'  I didn't mean to cut the outer part with the stripe running horizontally.  I just messed up.  A lucky accident, though.  It needs to be just as it turned out.
This is the master bedroom.  The fabrics chosen for the bed skirt and the shams, when side by side, do not even look like they go together.  The skirt is a black/white stripe with a tiny line of khaki.  (You have to look really close to even see it.)  And the shams are a large check/plaid in khaki and white.  The way to tie them together was using the bed skirt fabric as the contrast welting on the shams.  It had to be just a small amount visible though, and the 1/4" welting is perfect.  Anything larger and you would start thinking the fabrics really didn't go together.
The European pillow shams have a mitered, flat flange, with contrast welting and a hidden zipper.  I hid it so well that my client thought I had accidently sewn the shams shut!   
This fabric wasn't an even plaid, so I could only match it at the top and bottom and it looks slightly off on the sides.  I really hate when things don't turn out 'perfectly' but I've learned over the years that fabrics do have limitations and I am not going to drive myself crazy trying to make them do things they just aren't capable of doing.  I do the best I can and know that most people will never even know the difference.


Melinda Cornish said...

ok this earns another wow! I love the contrasting bedskirt fabric on the pretty and the rooms are so peaceful.

Valerie said...

Tamerie, these rooms are so lovely. Your workmanship and attention to detail really set you apart. Everything looks just perfect!