Tuesday, January 18, 2011


 I delivered this slipcover yesterday to a client in La Jolla.  There was no need to take a picture of the 'before' as it was also a white linen, but was waaaay past its prime.

 Side view
 Instead of the buttons I normally do, my client requested something different.  This was after I had already cut the slipcover with the intention of doing buttons, so I had to figure out another solution.  They have dogs and were afraid that the dogs may chew the buttons off.  It was too late to do a zipper down the side and in an effort to foil the dogs, I chose to do ties.  
 The ties are hidden so there is nothing for the dogs to munch on!  My client was very happy with the compromise and I now have another option to offer future clients.  

Since I normally do not get sunset shots, I thought yesterday was the perfect opportunity since I was in La Jolla at the right time.  I left my client's house and made my way to La Jolla Shores.  As you can see, I was a little too late and only got the very last sliver of the sun sinking into the ocean.  I may try again today, here in Coronado, as we are having simple beautiful weather and the sunsets have been pretty spectacular.


Blondie's Journal said...

The slipcover is beautiful and I like the ties. I am thinking of white for a couch and chair...does it really wash up as great as I've heard?

I love La Jolla and the beach when we visited a few years ago. What a pretty sunset picture! Hope all is well with you, Tamerie!


Rita said...

Tamerie, you do such a beautiful work. Rita

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Tamerie... that slipcover is pretty!... I can just picture little dogs chewing buttons off too!... Love La Jolla and your photo is gorgeous!... xoxo Julie Marie

angie said...

Love the linen! It is such a nice fabric to work with. Don't you love how those challenges come out better than the original idea?

Captain January And The Artistic Life said...

Beautiful work!

Barb said...

The white slipcover looks great!

I just found your blog through the Attic Girls, and think it's divine. It's such a treat to find other Coronado bloggers!

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