Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The sky seemed to be on fire!  It was just so beautiful.

The sun sinking into the water.

Me and Dan
 Dan Smith and Matthew Hester

Dan Smith, Don Townsend and Brett Brooks

I was in Santa Barbara this last weekend for a memorial service to celebrate the life of Michael Hester, Dan's step-brother.  We took the Double Dolphin out to put his ashes into the sea.  It was a very emotional and touching tribute to someone who's life ended much too soon.  Although the occasion was sad, it was nice seeing old friends and family.

And for anyone wondering why I've been posting so little of my work lately, it's because a lot of what I've been doing has been either picked up by the designer or delivered by me to the client, but there hasn't been anything to photograph.  A pillow cover without the pillow form inside never looks quite right in a picture. The same goes for valances that aren't on rods.  Hopefully, this will change soon and I can go back to posting pictures of my actual work.


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Beautiful skies Tamerie... and a beautiful resting place for your friend... I always love seeing photos of your work, but also some from around your home, the beach, etc... xoxo Julie Marie

Laurel said...

Miss u :( been dealing with creep mom :( from my cheer job I'm paranoid about posting . Awful feeling . But I'm out here lovey!

Maija said...

I'm so sorry for your loss!
Dan in smoking hot......