Monday, March 7, 2011


My client was having a going away party for her son (into the Navy) and wanted some updating and brightening of her patio cushions.
She chose a crisp navy and white stripe and I used red for the welting.
She already had the red bench cushion, but the new pillows pop on it!

We only did the cushion and pillows that you see.  What you do not see are the other seat cushions and pillows that didn't get re-done and how tired and faded they look next to the bright new stuff.  They are next on the to-do list, which often happens when I do a job for someone!


Julie Marie said...

Love that look!... it's so bright and cheery... xoxo Julie Marie

Beach said...

What is it about navy and red that does it for me everytime?

TUTU Monkey said...

These look really do such a nice job!!!!

Miss ya.....we need a margarita meeting soon.....:)

Rita said...

Tammie....oops Tamerie your details are magnifico. Love it! Ciao Rita Mammabellarte