Friday, April 25, 2014


Another job for Kim Kelly...last year when I visited Kim after being in the Bahamas, I measured this little ottoman for a new slipcover, and the windows for roman shades.  Because I shipped everything to her, I was not able to get photographs until last week.

The fabric is linen.  I had the fleur-de-lis printed on the top piece before I made it.  The skirt is a small knife pleat.

This linen was the strangest fabric.  The color and texture of it completely changed with washing.  So much so that, though I normally do not wash fabric when I am making roman shades (because it's not like you can take them down and wash them, so shrinkage is not an issue,) because it changed so drastically, I had to wash all of the fabric.  Otherwise, it would have looked like two different fabrics

The funny thing is, in these pictures it looks like the shade and ottoman are different colors.  It's just the lighting between the house and the back deck.  They really are the same fabric, pre-washed before construction.  

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