Friday, April 4, 2014


My clients moved from the suburbs of Minneapolis to Coronado, and though they had furniture that worked well here, the fabrics did not.  

This linen is much lighter and airier than the dark brown paisley that these chairs were wearing before.

The challenge (is there ever NOT a challenge in my jobs?) for the back cushions was they snapped on to the chairs.  The little tabs were sewn into a seam about 4" down from the top and went around the back and snapped underneath.  The only way to make this work was to cut off the tabs, cover them with the new fabric and leave just the snap head out.  Because of where they snap, you cannot see the little bit of original fabric that shows.

This bench in the hallway is from IKEA and the cushion is velcroed to the top.  If I've never mentioned it before--I HATE VELCRO--and avoid using it at all costs.  In this case, however, the solution was to cut the existing Velcro off and sew it on the new bottom piece, so the cushion stays in place.

I do not normally do upholstery, but dining chair seats are usually doable.   Let's just say these 6 chairs were a big, fat pain and took about 20 hours to remove the old fabric and all the staples.

Again, this fabric adds a lightness to the room.  And the existing yellow tablecloth matches the new seat covers.

Best of all, my clients love the new look.

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