Friday, April 18, 2014


I delivered this slipcover to Kim Kelly on Saint Simons Island last week.  Since I was already going to be in Georgia for the Masters, I brought it with me instead of shipping it.  Her house is being photographed for a national magazine and this particular chaise needed a new cover badly.  It may or may not make it in the magazine because it is a lot brighter than most everything else.  No matter.

I am not a fan of any animal print.  I think they look fine on animals, but no place else.  That's just me.  Lots of people, including Kim, love them.  That being said, I do like the way this turned out and think it looks really good on the chaise.  This fabric is an outdoor fabric and will hold up better than the previous cover I made out of regular cotton.

Because the fabric is so 'wild,' the buttons hardly show.  In this case, they are more than just a decorative touch.  They are needed to get the slipcover on and off the chaise.

Scout, looking pretty, on her new chaise!

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