Saturday, August 23, 2014


I did not take a picture of the draperies, but you can see them to the right in the picture below.  My client looked and looked for a suitable fabric to make the bed skirt.  Nothing she found really worked.  Then she noticed how well the draperies matched the comforter, so she went back and got more of the panels for the skirt.  

Getting skirts onto beds is always a challenging proposition.  And king beds are even more so.  I have to say,  I've never seen the job go more smoothly.  Not exactly sure why, but after I got the skirt on the deck and my client's husband came back in the room to help her put the mattress back on, I was on the floor holding the skirt in place.  It never moved, even when the mattress had to be slid over.  Very strange, but very nice!

I do not normally get to take pictures because so many times I simply drop the bedding off and never see the finished product on the bed.  I use duck cloth or denim for the deck, which is a lot more stable than using lining fabric.  Maybe that's why it stayed so nicely in place.  Whatever the case, it looked great and my clients were very happy with it.


Erica Palframan said...

This is so gorgeous!!! Love the colors!

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jenny rossi said...

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annylinda said...

Thanks so much for this. This is exactly what I was looking for!

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gainkerry said...

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Anonymous said...

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