Friday, August 29, 2014


Though I've never been a big fan of's itchy, it smells funny, it's hard to work burlap is a whole other story.  

This roman shade is in the downstairs powder room of the house I've been working on with Cara Clancy.  To give it a little more pizazz, I added grosgrain ribbon, which shows best when the shade is closed.

The designer wanted bigger folds, so instead of six inches between tucks, I did ten.  The bigger the space, though, the more of the window the shade covers even when pulled all the way up.  In this case, the view is of the fence and the neighbor's house, so more coverage was preferable.

It is very challenging to take pictures in the afternoon of windows that face west.  Even the flash can't knock out the sunlight.  Hence the side angel shot.

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