Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Fabulous Barn Sale

Yesterday, Debbie and I drove up to Temecula to the La Maison Rustique Barn Sale.  As always, it was a blast.  

Debbie, Mary, Sherri and me

Alice, Mary. Sherri and me
Wonderful words that pretty much sum up the Barn experience!
Lots of treasures and trinkets that need new homes
Playing dress up


Barb said...

That all looks like great fun!!

Which movie star does your friend (second from left) remind me of??
Is it Susan Lucci??

Have a super week.

Barbara Jean

TUTU Monkey said...

You look beautiful!!

What a fun day!!

Have a great upcoming week

TUTU Monkey said...

I am looking forward to posting adult activites on my blog once in the while.....I am surrounded in syrup and Sea World...;)

Dawn said...

Wonderful pics, you look like you should be in "Princess Diaries" in that super duper dress...

Linda said...

That dress looks almost identical to my Mom's prom dress, which I now have, but hers is light blue. This looks like a very fun day!