Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pillows From Various Vintage Pieces

All of these pillows are made from different vintage components. The top photo is an old rug. It wasn't the easiest pillow I ever made, but fortunately I have an industrial machine that makes it possible to sew heavy items that would break my regular Bernina. The second picture is some kind of crewel work and looks great as a pillow. The next shot is of pillows made from a vintage "Wizard of Oz" bedspread. I also made roman shades from this piece. The last pillow is made from an old embroidery sampler. All of these vintage pieces were purchased at swap meets or thrift stores in San Diego. There are so many treasures just waiting to be picked up and given a new life.

Be sure check out my last post and enter to win the daisy pillow. Just leave a comment and tell me you want to be included.

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