Sunday, September 5, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, my very good friend, Lisa Michelle, who actually lives in Miami, was in Los Angeles for a job, so she hopped on the train and came to visit me.  We met as models in Barcelona in 1989 and have been friends ever since.
We acted a little like tourists while she was here.
There is nothing like having your picture taken while driving across the Coronado Bridge.  I thought it best to keep my eyes on the road!
This was taken in March 2001, right after I moved to West Hollywood from Chicago.  Lisa decided that I was NOT driving out alone and flew to Chicago to make the trip with me.  We took 7 days to drive, 3 of which we spent in Santa Fe.  Anyway, this is us all dressed up with someplace to go!  

The glamorous girls!  For sure not my usual style, but when someone offers to lend you diamonds and furs to attend Oscar parties, you don't say no!  


Julie Marie said...

Oh Tamerie, you are both just beautiful! As just as much so now as back when... xoxo Julie Marie

Blondie's Journal said...

What a glamorous life you have led!! And you both are still beautiful!


Maija said...

You are still so beautiful!! It's so nice you got to spend time with your girlfriend!!!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Your girls look just as lovely today as you did back in 2001!! Nothing like best friends to make life beautiful.

xxx Julie

Valerie said...

Wonderful photos, wonderful remembrances. So glad you had such fun with your friend! I'm looking forward to our get-together on Wed!!
-x, Val

Nancy said...

Those girlfriend times together are the BEST! You are both such beautiful girls. Glad you had a chance to reconnect and play together!
XO Nancy

Sandy Michelle said...

Lisa Michelle is my Sister's name too!! I remember seeing those pix of your guys in your furs. So glamorous :)


NicNacManiac said...

Geez you were a stunner and I must say you still are!!
Glad you are back, I must also get back into the swing of things and visit all of you that make me smile! xOxO Nerina