Friday, September 10, 2010


I actually have finished and delivered this slipcover, but I thought I'd show you the process of cutting and fitting that takes place.
This technique is the reason why I MUST go to your home to be able to make a slipcover that fits your particular piece of furniture.  A wing chair is a perfect example.  There are about as many different styles of wings chairs as there are people who have them.  

This fabric is a really heavy duck cloth that has been pre-washed and shrunk.  I cannot emphasize enough that it is not possible to cut a slipcover to allow for shrinkage.  All fabric shrinks at different rates and it would never fit properly if I tried to figure out how much it would actually shrink.
As with all furniture, except a one-arm chaise, I cut only half of it because the other half is a mirror image.  If I was not putting buttons down the back, which in this case are just decorative, the back piece would be all the way across.  After I cut, I carefully label each piece.  Once I have it home and begin work on it, it's just flat pieces of fabric that would be a lot more challenging to put back together without knowing specifically which piece goes where.

Tomorrow I'll post the finished chair and ottoman.


barbara burkard said...

oh wow!!! thanks for the lesson! I have two vinyl swivel chairs that NEED

Blondie's Journal said...

I will leave this up to the experts like you, Tamerie, but it is incredibly interesting for a wannabe sewer like me!


Jackie said...

You make it look so easy!