Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I just returned from Lake Tahoe and my (Great) Uncle Darrell's 80th birthday party.  I had never been before and though it was quite lovely up there, it's not the beach.  And it was cold!  Not horribly so, but cold enough that I had to wear real shoes, not flip flops.  Still, it was fun.  I think the final count was 75 family and friends, most of that family.

 And yes, it did snow while we were there.  Luckily though, only on the mountain tops.  It did not make it to the ground.
It was a very stormy, windy day Saturday.
 Mostly we had blue skies.
 The real reason I went, other than to honor Darrell, was my Mother.  She came from Atlanta and I had not seen her since right before her stroke.  She is doing better each day, though still in a wheelchair for the most part.  

My nephew was also there.

I will announce my giveaway in the next couple of days (have to decide exactly what it is first,) so stay tuned for more information.


The Attic Girls said...

Lake Tahoe is beautiful but I have not been since the 80's! The first similarity I noticed between you and your Mom was the eyes! Glad you had a nice getaway.

Laurel said...

Awe! You went past me on your way to Tahoe! Did you wave? :)
Glad you had fun and really glad you got to be with your Mom. I pray for continued healing for her.

Petit Coterie said...

I lived in Lake Tahoe for many years and it's absolutely beautiful there. Im happy to see you felt the same!