Monday, September 12, 2011


Yes, it has been a very long time, more than 3 months, since I last blogged.  To say that I've been busy and otherwise occupied would be an understatement.  The truth is, I miss blogging and I miss reading other blogs.  But, most of all, I miss my blogging friends.  Part of what I've been going through the last, well, really, couple of years, is a desire to clear out the old to make room for the new.  Several weeks ago I held a (HUGE) garage sale in my backyard.  The pictures below are from that  Thursday (big garage sale day here in Coronado) and Saturday.  When it was all over, I did quite well (enough to pay for the new clutch and starter in my car) though to look around at the yard, it looked like I sold NOTHING.  I had sooo much to get rid of.  What was left was donated to Goodwill and to other worthwhile organizations.  My house and yard look like a 'normal' person live here, though my garage still needs a little work.  The biggest lesson from this experience has been learning that I CAN let go and release all of what I am not using and do not need.  I had literally 100's of yards of fabric (some calicos since 1977!) that were doing me no good, packed neatly away in various boxes and such.  The local puppetry theatre that got a large majority of it will benefit in ways that I never would have.  

You may have noticed, too, some slight changes in my blog design.  Well, the fonts anyway.  I would like to re-design the entire thing to signal the changes in my life, but too much all at once is more than I can handle.  Slowly, but slowly I am making the changes I need to make.  My blog will, no doubt, relect them over the coming weeks and months.


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Tamerie... I have missed you! I need to do what you did, get rid of sooo many things I never use that someone else can benefit from... hope all is well with you, xoxo Julie Marie

Unknown said...

Hi Tamerie,

I stopped by your HUGE Yard sale :) And I know you state that you have donated and cleaned it all out, but I was wondering if you by any chance still had any of those great old windows or wooden crates? Or who you donated those too? We would like to purchase them. Thanks!

Maija said...

I miss you too Tamarie!! I'm so glad you are back!!!

Valerie said...

Welcome back, Tamerie. I have missed you! I have been busy putting the fabric I "saved" from you to very good use! Maybe you will come to one of my upcoming shows and see where the bits and pieces show up!
xx, Val