Thursday, September 22, 2011


One of the newest restaurants to open in Coronado is called The Tavern.  It is located across from the Hotel Del Coronado at 1310 Orange Avenue.  I had the honor of making the cushions for the banquets and booths.  We are talking 23 cushions, some quite long.  It was a challenge, but, it seems, most of my jobs are in some way a challenge.  An even bigger challenge was taking photographs once the cushions were in place.  The restaurant is dark, the fabric is dark brown (thank goodness for the contrast welt) and the wood is brown.  Still, it all looks great.

The table tops in the booth area are a beautiful turquoise.

 The floors are made from recycled basketball flooring.  Very cool!  And it adds some color to the space.
Had I made just one cushion here, it would have been 344" long!  Instead, I made 4 that were still 86" each.

The cushions in my workroom before being transported to their new home.

On opening night...Bill Harris, me and Laura Petersen.

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