Friday, January 24, 2014


This chair is from IKEA.  Normally, if a client inquires about having something slipcovered, I find out as much as I can about it.  Things like, how comfortable it is, if they are just tired of the existing fabric, how old it is, stuff like that.  In the case of this chair, and this is just one of 4, my client simply liked it. The size fit her home.  I explained that because furniture from IKEA is so reasonably priced, it is not really meant to be kept long term. 

She was aware of this and still wanted to have slipcovers made.  She found this heavy upholstery fabric at Home Fabrics, which means she got it at a GREAT price.  She bought all they had.  Unfortunately, there was only enough fabric to do three slipcovers.  

Still, it was exactly what she wanted.  I thought they turned out pretty well.  And she loved them, which is always my intention!

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