Friday, January 10, 2014


Second Friday of the New Year and I am posting again…Yeah!  I would have done it earlier in the day, but I had to get this job delivered, and then I had another appointment.  So, finally, I'm getting to it.

 This is the master stateroom and I 'made' this fitted coverlet.  I used quotations around made because I used a blanket from Pine Cone Hill, so, to me, it seemed a little less something I made than something I re-purposed.  Not sure why using a blanket instead of fabric made a difference to me.

 In any case, it was a bit challenging because I was making it from my clients' existing comforter.  I have always found this to be tricky.  Unless I can take something completely apart and use it as the pattern, (and not have to put it back together,) it doesn't quite work the way it seems like it ought to.

 I also made a small pillow and re-sized a twin blanket into a throw for the sofa in the salon.

Close up of pillow

and of the throw.

The sun was very bright and made it hard to get a nice shot.  

It is a gorgeous, 50' boat, though.

The boat all decorated for Christmas.

And last, but not least, their adorable dog, Tyler.

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