Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It almost looks like a real house.  It is, in fact, the playhouse of my client's daughters.
It even has its own climbing roses.

The best part: real windows with real curtains.  We hung them 'backwards,' that is, with the fabric facing out so that it showed better from the outside.
The wallpaper and fabric for the curtains were both Ralph Lauren.
Even hanging this way, you can still see the plaid through the lining and the ruffle around the edges stands out more.  I don't know about you, but after I saw the finished 'house' I wanted to move in.  The only problem for me was I was a bit too tall.  Okay, a lot too tall.  Still, it was so inviting and sweet that I wished I were a little girl again.


The Vintage Rabbit said...

How adorable.... I would love to have a playhouse in my yard!!! Too cute!! I'm with you.. I wish I was a little girl again too!


Maija said...

How about if we get some coloring books and sit on the floor cress legged?

TUTU Monkey said...

OH my little "tutu monkey" would love that cute!!

Lori Anderson Designs said...

OMG! I got a refrigerator box when I was a kid.

Karin said...

I would have done anything to have a playhouse like that!! Actually I would still love to have one like that! :)