Sunday, February 8, 2009


Believe it or not, this IS a slipcover.  Yes, it is made with a heavy upholstery fabric.  And, no, it cannot be machine washed.  The benefit of it was my client could take it off and have it cleaned much easier than having someone come in to clean her furniture.  She had small boys and wanted the flexibility to have her slipcover dry cleaned.  Plus she loved her sofa, including the existing fabric and this was a way that she could have two completely different looks simply by taking the slipcover off.
This, too, is a very fitted slipcover.  Although I normally do not make slipcovers that scream SLIPCOVER, this particular client didn't want any hint that what was on her furniture was a slipcover.  So I made these covers to look exactly like the upholstery that is underneath.  
She got exactly what she wanted---slipcovers that look like upholstery and the option to take the covers off and wash them in the washing machine.


Anonymous said...

YOU are one talented seamstress!!!



Anonymous said...

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