Thursday, February 5, 2009


Sometimes the back of the chair is much more interesting than the front.
Another case in point.
There is no real perspective in this shot, but this is a child-size chair.
A Parsons Chair with contrast fabric in the pleats and on the buttons.
A chair purchased at an Estate Sale for $10.  Underneath, very ugly gold velveteen.  Slipcovered in a reproduction bark cloth.  It makes all the difference in the world.  


Beach Bum said...

Tried to do the slip cover thing on a chair at home but can't get it right. Looks askew no matter what we do and after you sit in it the slip cover is messed up even worse.

Breathing Beside Us said...

How Great Are You Miss Tamerie!!?
When I have my Lotto $$ in the Bank...I'm hiring you to slipcover my whole house...hehehe

maryboys said...

you are so talented. i so wish i knew how to sew...even just a little:) the velvet slipcover is especially wonderful!

Joy *The Vintage Rabbit said...

Love your work ..Miss Tamerie!!

Renee said...

I love the chairs, good job.