Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Before I get the to things I made in the classes, I wanted to share with you the bird house swap I participated in.  To the left in the photo above is Bryanna, the hostess of the Home Tweet Home swap.  To the right is my swap partner, Joy.  I have never done a swap of any kind before and wasn't quite sure what it meant or what I was supposed to do.  Bryanna  assured me it was easy and to just make something I would like myself.

Joy with her new beach house birdhouse and me with the house that Joy made.
I love my house.  And though Joy didn't know I have a lack of places to put things, she made it to hang, which was perfect.  She wrapped it in a tea towel that I now have hanging in my kitchen.
At first I thought I'd let it sit perched on the book shelf in my bedroom.
The detail is just wonderful.
It's final hanging place, in the hallway.  Thank you Joy!  
This lovely wreath was taught by the amazing Amy Powers.  It was the first class of the day and a nice way to begin.
The second class was taught by Michelle Legler and the reason I decided to attend the event in the first place.  I have loved her mosaics for as long as I have been aware of who she is.  I have been saving broken dishes and all kinds of other pieces of 'stuff' that would be used in making a mosaic for a very long time now.  I showed up with WAY too many dishes to break.  It just gave me a lot to choose from and the yellow ceramic rose that I got from Michelle determined which plate I would ultimately use.
I made this wonderful box.
The last class of the day was taught by Kristen Robinson.  All I can show you is the pieces of mine, as I did not get it finished.

This is a finished chandelier and, in theory, what mine will look like when I get all the pieces and parts assembled.
The day was a truly wonderful experience.  I met a lot of amazing women and had a fun day.  A very long day, but worth it.  Kim Caldwell is the consummate hostess and like I said in my previous post, no detail was overlooked.  Thank you, Kim and I look forward to seeing you again soon!


Karyn - (French Charming) said...

Hi Tamerie,

Love everything and you did a great job on your birdhouse. The Mosaic box is lovely and the yellow rose is beautiful.

I tend to be a bit clumsy and I've broken my fair share of dishes, maybe I should take of masaics and but my clumsiness to good use!

Thanks for sharing!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

lovely things! Looks like a fun and productive time!

maryboys said...


Melinda Cornish said...

Wow! everything looks so pretty and it sounds like so much fun...swaps are a lot of fun too and a great way to challenge yourself to make new things...I love both birdhouses!

Valerie said...

My golly Tamerie! No wonder you couldn't finish the last project, you must have been wiped out! I love all the projects, especially the mosiac box. Lovely, you did a lovely job.

See you this weekend. Have fun on Saturday!

Joy Campbell said...

Tamerie, I haven't had a chance to post pics yet of my birdhouse...I too am looking for that very special place to place it!! I am so glad you were at our table and we had a chance to talk...hope to see you again at one of Kims events


Beach Vintage said...

These are all beautiful and I love the white rosettes on you gals!

Maija said...

I adore your wreath! The butterfly is a perfect touch!

Sandy Michelle said...

I am loving all those class projects and the houses, you guys swapped- are too cute! Thanks for your congrats- and for believing in me!Have your birds left the nest yet. My doves flew away a few days ago and I am left with an empty nest :(