Friday, June 26, 2009


Except for the bleaching, everything I said about white denim slipcovers goes for blue denim as well.

This chair has a short, box-pleated skirt.
And, of course, my signature button-back closure. In this case, it was strictly decorative. I didn't even unbutton it to put it on. Still, I think it is just more interesting than a plain back.

And to those of you whose name was drawn for my 100th post giveaway, I haven't forgotten you. I have just been a bit busy. Be on the lookout for something in your mail very soon. And thanks for your patience.


Maya said...

I love the buttons in the back..., and the idea of a denim slip cover, I'd probably go for a white one. I just never thought of white denim!

Moonspinner said...

What a comfortable looking chair, I love the button at the back.

Valerie said...

Beautiful as ever Tamerie! I'm glad you decided to post about the blue denim. That chair is definitely worth the post!

I had fun on Thursday, and was sorry I had to scoot so soon. You were getting the lovliest of tans :o)

Janet said...

I like both the white and the blue denims....for practicality and for looks. Your button backs always look so neat and precise.