Sunday, June 14, 2009


This picture was taken before the wind blew over this mannequin and broke one of its mirrored wings off.

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There are vendors I completely missed taking photos of because, even before the official opening time at 1:30p, people showed up and I had to get back to my own booth. As I've said before, the day was a wonderful success and a good time was had by all who participated and by those that attended. The important thing was we raised around $1500 for Jane's charity Art Takes A Village. I look forward to out next big event!


Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Really cool and pretty looking photos. Congrats on your successful sale. Poor little mirrored winged dressform!!!!!! I am having a BLOGmance with this post.

City Farmhouse said...

I love everything!!! Believe it or not there is NOTHING like that here in NY. The city has some great markets but they are a good mix of modern too. Very jealous:).
Have a great day,

Beach Vintage said...

Wow, what an amazing array of things. Wish I was there.