Monday, August 24, 2009


Ladder back chairs are not normally slipcovered, though, as I've discovered, practically anything can be slipcovered. Or at least people think it can and then hire me to do it! Anyway, my client wanted just to have covers made for the backs of the chairs. There are existing seat cushions, which really don't match the new backs (you'll see this in the bottom pictures,) but they can always be re-covered in the future. Also, she may just take the seat cushions off and use the back covers alone.
The front view of the arm chair. I used snaps under the arms to connect the front and back. The other option would be ties, but ties are messy and there would need to be too many. Snaps work better for this type of look.
In this case, the button-back is strictly decorative. It is not necessary to actually button and/or unbutton to remove the cover. After undoing the snaps, it just lifts off.
There are 6 chairs in total, 2 arm chairs and 4 of this style. This is me being too lazy to take the seat cushion off for the picture.
You can see how they don't really match, although they do have similar colors.
These also just slip on and off and much easier since there are no arms.


Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hi Tamerie,

There really is nothing you can't do! Another beautiful job!

Sorry I haven't been around lately, I had a bad case of the flu. LOVE the package you received and all the goodies are fabulous. Have a great week!

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Maya said...

I just love the button-back detail. You're such a talent!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Clever girl
I love slipcover, so easy to change the look. These chairs mightt look nice in white with those stripey backs.
Ciao x Julie

Shab-n-Chic said...

I am beginning to think there is nothing that YOU cannot slipcover! You love a challenge, don't you? :)

Dustjacket Attic said...

Very nice, with your trademark buttons too :)

Serena said...

You are so clever, Tamerie! Those chairs look FAB!

NicNacManiac said...

Love the fact that if it sits in one out, you will put a slipcover on it and it will look fabulous!! Totally changes the look!

tales from an oc cottage said...

That looks amazing!!

m ^..^

Beach Vintage said...

Fabulous. I love the mix of patterns used.

D.Lewis said...

I love these chairs. We have two arm chairs and one side chair that we found at a local peddlars mall. WE would like to have at least five more side chairs to complete our set but we haven't been able to identify the manufacturer or even seen another until we found your chairs online. Could you provide any information that may steer us in the right direction. Hopefully yours,