Sunday, June 27, 2010


Beautiful cupcakes
(I only had two last night!)
The table 
There was a beautiful cake, as well.  It came from the same place as my cake, though this one was lemon.
Me with my cousin Megan, who actually turns 20 on 2 July.
And me with Mackenzie, the other birthday girl.  It's hard to believe she is 20 years old.  Where does the time go?


Julie Marie said...

Hello Tamerie... all of you are so very pretty! And the cake and cupcakes look yummy! Happy birthday to the girls! xoxo Julie Marie

Jackie said...

Hi Tamerie!
What declicious looking cupcakes!!!
You are the girls are so pretty!!
Happy Birthday to the girls.
My daughter was born on July 4th! She will be glad it's HER that is getting older and not moi!

Enjoy your day

Janet said...

You look just like one of the birthday girls! You're all beautiful. And those cupcakes look yummy.

Candylei said...

Hi: I saw your cute moo cards on crescendoh!

Sandy Michelle said...

How cute that a 20 year old celebrates her birthday with a Barbie theme :) Happy birthday to Megan and Mackenzie! My sister's birthay is on July 1st-Canada Day.

Sandy xox