Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Debbie from Breathing Beside Us has given me this award for my blog!  I am so excited and happy to be recognized.

Part of the award is listing 7 things that I like, enjoy and/or love:

1. Working for myself.
2. Living on Coronado.
3. Sunshine. (It makes me happy.)
4. My friends and family.
5. Being creative.
6. Color!
7. Emily (my 17 year old kitty)

And now for the best part.  I get to pass this award on to 7 other bloggers!

Sandy Carmada @ Sandy's Creations
Michelle Legler @ Mosaic Cottage
Nancy Michaels @ Shab-n-Chic
Melinda Cornish @ Melinda's Fabric Fancies
Valerie Hebert @ Val's Art Studio

As always, it is very hard to stop at just 7, since there are so many great, creative blogs out there.  Again, thank you to Debbie Hodge for this honor.


Debby said...

Hi Tamerie!

Wow! Thank you for this award. Having been groupedwith all these amazingly creative women...I'm so flattered!
Here's wishing you a beautiful sunny day!

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaah! You are SO SWEET!!! Thank you for this award. I am honored! Oh, and really jealous....did I mention that? You are so lucky to live in beautiful Coronado! :-)
Hugs to you Miss Tamerie!!!!!


p.s. Yes, I did email the info to Peggy at Orange Blossom, but I haven't heard from her yet.

Michelle Grace said...

Nice to find another creative blogger who actually lives in Colorado! I was beginning to think they all lived in California:-) Love your blog!

Valerie said...

Thank you for this fabulous award, Tamerie!! You are so sweet to include me! I, too, am very flattered. Now, I have to figure out how to add this award to my blog page...urgggh! I might need you to come over and show me a little bit of your blogging magic :o)

Big hugs,

Janet said...

Congrats on the award! I like your list of things you enjoy. With the exception of living on Coronado your list could be my list! I no longer work but I used to have my own online book business and I loved working for myself.

Michelle Grace said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. And you live in California! Of course you do! Everyone does:-)
I think I read Coronado and thought I read Colorado.

Sandy Michelle said...

Thanks for the award honey pieeeee!!My daughter's name is Emily :)


Anonymous said...