Friday, March 27, 2009


Yesterday was out monthly San Diego Blogger Girls lunch at Miguel's here in Coronado.  We had a few new faces show up.  Linda, movie star Debbie and me.
Val showing one of the vintage hankies Nancy brought for Deb and explaining how some people in Coronado use them as curtains.  Linda piped up, "Is that because houses are so small here?"
We all had a good laugh about that.
As soon as Linda arrived, she decided that the tree branch above our table would be a good place to swing from after enough margaritas or wine.  Sadly, this did not actually happen.  We were all good and kept our consumption of alcohol to a measly one drink each.  It was lunch after all, and I,  for one, had to get back to work.  Maybe next time!
This is one of Val's newest purse designs.  She can't make them fast enough and as soon as one becomes available, it is sold!  The time required to make this lovely bag is 10-12 hours!  It was so hot-off-the-press, so to speak, that the last needle and thread Val was using were still inside the bag.  As with everything she makes, she uses old wool sweaters.
Val was wearing this lovely pin, with a giant 'diamond' in the center.  She couldn't remember who the artist was who made it, so I can't give credit where credit is due.
We had a fun lunch, with great conversation and those delicious margaritas and yummy food that Miguel's is known for.  We missed Dana, Joy and Jane and hope that out next lunch will include them as well.


Anonymous said...

How darn FUN!!! I'm jealous!
Thanks for sharing. :-)

Love that purse! ooh~la~la!

Hugs and have a Fabulous weekend!


Janet said...

Looks like a fun bunch. That purse is fantastic!! And I like the big flower pin, too. Now I'm gonna go make a pitcher of margaritas!!

Sandy Michelle said...

I just love get-togethers like this! Girls really know how to have fun! I wish you could have joined us in June as well!

Sandy :)

Shab-n-Chic said...

That was a lot of fun! Next time it will be a TWO drink minimum! After all, Coronado is so small, we won't have to drive anywhere after lunch. :) I'll upload my photos this weekend. My favorite is the one of Linda hanging on the branch.

Maija said...

You girls just live too far away from me!!

TUTU Monkey said...

I can't wait to join you guys next month!!