Friday, March 13, 2009


Another very cool shop in Coronado.  It is located at 952 Orange Avenue.  It is owned by Peggy Halpin.  And the store mascot is not an orange blossom as you might expect.  No, the store mascot is......
Even the outside of the store is lovely, with this vintage bathtub used as a planter.

A unique chandelier
A beautiful umbrella
She carries lots of very hip women's and children's clothing.

Assorted things for the home.
I have got to learn that I can't take a picture of a mirror while standing in front of it!

The web site is:
As of right now, Peggy does not have a blog.  Yet.  


Rita said...

Buonasera Tamerie,
love the idea of the bath tub. I am working on one this week. thank you for sharing. Ciao Rita

Shab-n-Chic said...

Oscar...hahaha he's a cutie! I have not been inside OB since they opened. Looks like I need to visit again because they have cute things!
That umbrella is the bomb-ola! Probably not for sale though. :(

TUTU Monkey said...

Is Oscar cute or what.......I love the fun pink chairs outside of Orange Blossom's ...very inviting!!